Covid-19 Latest Update

The Government has identified Podiatrists as Key Workers and we want to let you know that we will be open from 01/04/2020 and carrying out a clinic one day per week at Alma Medical Centre Windsor. We will prioritise infected toe nails, foot infections, suspected fractures and patients with significant foot pain only.

Emergency Foot Problems

Working within College of Podiatry and Government guidelines the practice will see emergency patients with foot infections e.g. ingrowing toenails, ulcerations, corns with abscesses under them and severe foot pain.

In the first instance contact the practice on 01753 857512 (leaving a message if not immediately answered)

Call Now

One of the podiatry team will contact you for a phone or video triage appointment. If a decision is made that you require an emergency appointment this will then be at The Alma Road Clinic, Windsor.

Maximum PPE will be used to safeguard patient and the Podiatrist ...

All patients will be asked to complete a new health questionnaire and return before the consultation.

Download Questionnaire

General Foot Problems For New & Existing Patients

Video Conference

Windsor Podiatry uses video conferencing technology to ensure that we can help you resolve foot and ankle problems.

It avoids face to face contact in these uncertain times.

You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and return by e mail before the consultation.

Download Questionnaire

The remote consultation will be organised at a convenient time, following which you may be referred for tests and investigations such as x-rays, MRI, ultrasound or blood tests.

The results of the investigations will then be explained to you remotely and a treatment plan discussed.

Semi bespoke orthotics , insoles splints and braces can be fabricated remotely and posted to you.

Home exercise programs can be devised and demonstrated by video.

The treatment plan can also be revised periodically.


Private medical insurance will usually pay for a remote consultation with a Consultant Podiatrist.

You can discuss this process at the time of making your appointment.

Package plans for self-funding patients are also available.

Please also contact us if you wish to have an informal discussion about your problem.

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