New Patients Welcome

We always welcome new patients. We accept most insurance plans and try to offer convenient appointment times. Please contact the office for an appointment, or to discuss your requirements, on 01753 857512

Self-funding and non-insured patients

Credit card and cheque payment facilities are available at the time of consultation or accounts will be sent if more convenient.

Medical insurance and third party funding

Please bring full details of your insurance plan as we will need a copy of it for our records. If your insurance plan requires that you have a referral from your GP, please make sure you obtain one before your appointment.

Your insurance company must be informed prior to your visit. They will require Mr O'Neill's Healthcare Provider numbers, as well as details of the hospital or clinic at which you are being seen. They may give you an authorisation number for the consultation and advice about excess payments.

Mr O'Neill's Health Insurance Registration and Provider numbers are found in the section on Medical Insurance.


Please fill in prior or on the day, of your first appointment.